Concious Thoughts Of An Individual MAN

Masculine Anomaly Normalized

This book is about information, knowledge, experience, wisdoms of the past and legacy. These conscious thoughts are inspired examples based on life’s daily sensations that compel each of us to keep or drop what they believe is good or bad for their legacy of existence. Conscious thoughts uses the examples of the King James Bible in a way that supports the idea of Gods perfect order to all things and all situations in a way that becomes thought provoking to the reader own psyche about the ways the reader may or may not use information indiscriminately thought out his or her life in obtain a perfect map to what is not only true but a perfect way to move forward in a way that everyone can use to win from the beginning to the end together in harmony using all the examples that has existed before human involvement.

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Santee Parker, 20-year retired U.S. Army Veteran, born and raised in Houston, Texas. Enlisted in the United States Army shortly after graduating from Jefferson High School, August 1989. In 2010 he earned a degree from the University of Phoenix Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems. Currently he is married, 23 years to Tiffany Parker and they have 2 kids together, one in high school and the other a college graduate from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor and they reside in Katy, Texas.

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